Guest Post: This is not the ‘paleo lifestyle’: I learned to thrive in the wild, as my ancestors did.

We are pleased to share a post by a guest writer, Joe Whittle.

This is not a “paleo lifestyle”. This is not a survival scenario, or even exercise.

This story is about thriving.

My friend Jordan and I spent a week in the wilds of Oregon, reflecting on the way my ancestors lived. We packed one cup per day each of dried food provisions, as well as some oil and salt. But while I did base my provisions on something comparable to what my Delaware and Caddo tribal ancestors may have traveled with, like beans and wild rice, this is not a re-enactment or emulation of any specific indigenous culture. This is just an opportunity for us to reflect on living a simpler life.

The route we traveled has been a passageway for Native Americans living in the region for millennia. In the 19th century, it was used by the ranchers and miners who settled in Hells Canyon…

Please click this link and read the entire article see the incredible photos by Joe Whittle, on The Guardian.


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