Hells Canyon and Snake River

Follow Highway 86 from the junction of the Forest Road 39 to the Snake River and on to Hells Canyon Dam. The river is designated Wild and Scenic below the dam. You looked down into the canyon from the overlook, now see the imposing canyon walls from water’s edge up! Services at Pine, Oxbow, and at river’s edge include lodging, dining, groceries, gas, and shuttle service. Recreational opportunities include rafting, jetboat riding, camping, fishing, and hiking in the nation’s deepest river gorge.

Take the winding road along the river into the heart of the canyon to the visitor center at the Hells Canyon Dam. Exhibits describe the formation of the canyon and provide information about the canyon flora and fauna. Learn about the building of the dams on the river, their use for power generation and the gold mining and farming that took place deep in the canyon early in the twentieth century. Hiking trails lead further into the canyon (please be well equipped for the rugged terrain and high temperatures) and jet boats provide exciting ventures into the Wild and Scenic designated section of the river below the dam.

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