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Two mule deer bucks enjoy the shade along the highway beside Wallowa Lake. JD

The view below Hells Canyon Dam is spectacular and well worth the drive. JD

Passengers leave the boat after an exciting jetboat ride on the Snake River below Hells Canyon Dam. JD

The ever-changing light and shadow on the canyon walls and wildflowers are highlights from at the Hells Canyon Overlook. JD

HIkers enjoy lots of choices along the byway from wilderness adventures to easy, short hikes like this one at Wallowa Lake. JD.

Naked Covered Wagon

Naked Covered Wagon

Go by train, tramway, jetboat, raft, horse or bicycle and see byway country from a whole different perspective!

The View From Hat Point Lookout

The Snake River in Hells Canyon from Hat Point; a popular side trip off the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway. The winding gravel road from Imnaha leads to the rim of the canyon. Take a picnic and make it a day trip. The lookout tower at Hat Point stands 90 feet tall and a mile above the river.

Wallowa Lake, Oregon

Glacier-formed Wallowa Lake near Joseph, Oregon

National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center near Baker City

Living History depictions of pioneer experiences on the Oregon Trail are presented several times annually by the Oregon Trail Tendors.

From river's edge to mountain pass, the byway features many landscapes.

The section of byway between Elgin and Wallowa offers some of the most dramatic scenery in Oregon.

It's easy to see why this byway is so popular with motorcyclists.

You, too, can pose as the Blue Banana when you visit this delightful beverage and treat stop.

Along the Joseph Art Walk

The life-size bronze sculptures, galleries and landscaping along Joseph

Carriage Rides Board at the historic Geiser Grand Hotel

Baker City takes pride in its historic landmarks and museums.

The Elkhorn peaks are part of the Blue Mountains and home to Anthony Lakes Ski Area.

In addition to motels, hotels, B & B Inns and vacation rentals, campgrounds and RV parks are common.

Byway country is cattle country. Much of the land is productive only for the four-legged kind of crop.

Where cattle roam, cowboys and cowgirls ride.

Enterprise hosts Mule Days; Joseph hosts sled dog races; rodeos are frequent and nearly every town has a festival.

Watch for byway interpretive displays throughout the scenic route. Travel facilities are usually nearby, as well.

The FS 39 section of the byway between Halfway and Joseph is open only to snowmobiles during winter.

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