Road Conditions

This page will keep you informed of byway road conditions related to weather, construction projects or other human-caused activities. For additional weather related road conditions, please go to or for the most up-to-date information. The communities and businesses along the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway want travelers to know they are open for business and happy to serve you all year (even when winter snow closes the mountain pass).

Road Conditions Announcement – Winter Travel Notice

The FS39 Road, which crosses a section of the Wallowa Mountains and connects Halfway and the Pine Valley with Joseph, Enterprise and the Wallowa Valley is closed during the winter and spring, generally December through May, due to snow. During this time, It is open to travel by snowmobile, only. 

However, the rest of the byway and all byway communities are open for business, offering full visitor services. Winter is a gorgeous time throughout the byway, providing an entirely different experience for visitors. Please use the links above for up-to-date information on all roads and be prepared for winter driving conditions throughout byway country. Find lodging, dining, entertainment and shopping information on the Visitor Resources page. Even when spring weather begins to melt the snow at lower elevations, FS39 can remain closed through May. Be prepared for winter travel conditions and check with local officials before using FS39.

Road Conditions Announcement Wallowa-Whitman National forest.

During the fire season, please check for details on fire activity in Northeast Oregon at the Blue Mountain Fire Information blog. More information on the Public Use Restrictions can be found at:

Please be aware of the extreme hazard for wild fires late summer through early fall. Vehicles can start fires simply by parking off pavement or gravel, where hot equipment comes into contact with the dry grass and weeds. Be very cautious and follow these restrictions with care:

Phase C (indicators are Adjective fire danger rating of Extreme; IFPL level IV). 1. Campfires not allowed. Liquid and bottle gas stoves only. 2. No internal combustions engine operation, except motor vehicles. 3. Smoking allowed only in enclosed vehicles and buildings, developed recreation sites, or cleared areas. 4. No off-road/off-trail vehicle travel or travel on roads not cleared of standing grass or other flammable material; no vehicle travel on those FS roads where access has been impeded or blocked by earthen berm, logs, boulders, barrier, barricade or gate, or as otherwise identified in the Fire Order.



2015 Construction Project:

GREAT NEWS! Concerning the 2015 paving project on FS 39 (Wallowa Mountain Loop Road) – The construction on the Wallowa Mountain Loop Road (Forest Service Road 39) is complete. The map shows the area of the improvements. Click to enlarged map. Recreation and road condition updates can also be found at:

Thank you for visiting the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. Travel safely, responsibly, and enjoy the beauty of Hells Canyon!

If unsure of suitability, please contact the Wallowa Mountains Office at 541-426-5546 or the Pine Field Office at 541-742-6705.

For on-going information about the road construction project, news of the byway, its communities, road conditions and events, visit regularly.