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Those of us fortunate enough to live within view of the Blue and Wallowa Mountains of Northeast Oregon know why we like it here and love looking out at the peaks every day. We each tend to call them “my mountains,” eyeing them closely for passing weather and the change of seasons. We watch the snow line come and go, and those of us with roots in agriculture, translate what that means for watering crops and keeping the pastures green.

Most of us live here largely because we like to spend time in the mountains; hiking, camping, skiing, fishing, hunting, biking – whatever our favorite recreational pursuits. Some say we take them for granted. I don’t think so. We’re just used to them always being there and you can only express their beauty so often, such as when the sunset is particularly colorful or the snow especially crisp against a blue sky.

That’s why it is fun to read the reports of someone who has newly discovered our corner of the state. Their fresh perspective on the things we hold so dear is reaffirming and gratifying.

Early in April, Travel Oregon and the Eastern Oregon Visitors Association arranged to have just such an intrepid soul pay us a visit. Cassandra LaConte, a California girl with a sense of adventure, a fantastic eye for great photos, and a pack of followers on Instagram, Twitter and her own blog (Diminsions to the Undefinable), started her visit in Joseph having driven south from Lewiston, Idaho; an amazing drive itself. She had a packed itinerary and appointments to meet with a number of us along her way, so we could each show her a few of our favorite things.

We are now having the privilege of reading her impressions while visiting the Wallowas and Hells Canyon Scenic Byway country. Please take the time to go to her blog and read along. It’s an adventure to share in and one that will make you want to follow her tracks. Please do! We think you will love it, too.

First report:  http://cassandraleconte.blogspot.com/2014/04/oregon.html

Second report:  http://cassandraleconte.blogspot.com/2014/04/oregon-day2.html

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