Brownlee Reservoir Water Level

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Idaho Power has provided this information regarding their planned operations at Brownlee Reservoir. With the current state of the system (particularly snowpack and upstream reservoir levels) and future weather forecasts, the USACE has agreed to allow Idaho Power to begin refilling Brownlee Reservoir.

The USACE remains concerned about local flooding potential, and therefore, is requiring a slow refill. With that said, the May 20th refill target for Brownlee Reservoir is 2064 ft. Currently, all boat ramps, with the exception of Holcomb Park, are accessible for launching boats. Idaho Power anticipates that Holcomb Park will be accessible closer to the 20th of May. As they continue to move through the process of refilling Brownlee Reservoir, planned operations may change. Updates will be made as soon as they become available.

Please visit the Idaho Power website,, for current information about water recreation on the Snake River, including reservoir elevation information.

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