Byway Mountain Loop Section Opens for Summer

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Great news from the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest today! Below is notification from the Forest Recreation Officer, concerning the Wallowa Mountain Loop Road section of the byway that closes every winter due to snow:

Byway country is lush and green.

The Wallowa Mountains District Office has reported that the FS 39 road (part of the HC Scenic Byway) is officially maintained. Crews have been checking the road condition and clearing rocks and debris all week. There is however one section east of Lick Creek campground that is only a single lane due to a residual snow drift. Visitors are advised to drive cautiously and look for rocks, and other debris that may still come across the road.

The rest of the byway, OR Highways 86 and 82, are open year-round and all businesses along the byway are looking froward to serving your travel needs. This is an amazing time of year to enjoy the Hells Canyon and Wallowa country scenery. Why not make it a byway weekend?



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