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An autumn cattle drive near North Powder - Kelly Martin

When you drive the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, you are taking a journey through cattle country. This rugged corner of Oregon is home to cattle ranches, large and small, that utilize the lovely lonely hills and vast pasture lands to turn vegetation, sun and water into protein.

Most of the ranches are owned and operated by families that have earned their living this way for many generations. You are likely to see several of those generations at work, on horseback, using ATVs, and working the fields with tractors.

When you encounter a cattle drive on a country road, please drive carefully and watch the riders for signals on how to get through the herd safely. There are likely to be several people of all ages on horses, dogs at their feet, and some people helping in vehicles. We know you know how to drive and have confidence in what you are doing. However, dogs, cattle and kids often do things suddenly and unaware that you are hurrying to get to your destination. So please, slow down and enjoy this moment of western heritage and ensure everyone gets where they are going unharmed.

The same caution applies any time you see people, cattle, horses, dogs or ATVs at the side of a country road, whether part of a cattle drive or just going about their daily work. Please slow down! We welcome you to enjoy this beautiful area we call home, but we ask you to be extra careful as you drive through what is both our home and place of business.

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