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Whether visitors or residents of the area, people wondering where they can find fresh, locally grown produce, meat and flowers will want to know about a new self-guided farm tour of gardens, farms and ranches in Northeast Oregon’s Grande Ronde Valley. The Cove-Union Farm Loop provides a self-guided scenic drive through a series of backyard farm stands, greenhouses, pastures and orchards in and near Cove, Union and La Grande.

The tour includes suggested stops to view the agriculture exhibits at the Union County Museum, experience a livestock auction and pick up some garden or farm supplies while rubbing elbows with cowboys and farmers. Purveyors offer fresh cut flowers, fruit and produce, and you can find out how to fill your freezer with pasture-fed poultry, pork, eggs and beef. Heck, you can make a day of it, exploring the beautiful valley and picking up everything you need for dinner along the way. Or, get to know the growers (They’re very friendly!) and make a beeline straight to your favorite local source instead of the supermarket!

Some farm stands are self-serve on the honor system while the hours and days of others vary and some stops are seasonal. But you can call ahead to see if certain stops are open when you plan to visit.

See the Cove-Union Farm Loop map on at www.VisitEasternOregon.com or pick up a copy at the Historic Union Hotel or Union County Museum in Union, at the Union County Chamber of Commerce, 207 Depot Street, La Grande, or Tuesday evening or Saturday morning at the La Grande Farmer’s Market (an exceptional market and local best-kept secret!). Contact us for a digital version of the Farm Loop map.  

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