Lostine Tavern Set to Reopen Soon

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It’s exciting to read about projects that come together as if planned by a higher power. The Lostine Tavern project in Lostine, Oregon, is just such an instance. The historic tavern that serves the ranching community, local residents and visitors to our corner of Oregon, closed early in 2013 for what might have been a very long time. Instead, some forward thinking business people rallied the help of many and the tavern is set to open with a fresh new menu that is heavy to locally grown meat and produce.

Oregon Business Magazine recently publisher an article about the venture and others within the tiny town. Read about it, then put a couple of stops in Lostine on your itinerary when traveling the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway. I can’t wait to try the reopened Lostine Tavern out and hope to see you there sometime!

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