Spring in Hells Canyon Country

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It’s lovely spring in northeast Oregon! The hills are green, the weather is “changeable,” as we like to say, and the road beckons all who have felt a little bit of cabin fever over the last few months. The Hells Canyon Scenic Byway is a wonderful way to see the magic of the region and to sample its flavors in the many small towns along the way. While the entire loop isn’t open yet (the FS 39 Road, which connects Baker City, Halfway and Oxbow with Joseph, Wallowa Lake and Enterprise remains closed due to snow in the road), why not get out and experience a portion of the byway at a time? Take OR 86 from Baker City to the Snake River and the dams – this time of year in the canyon is fabulous! Then drive OR 82 from La Grande through Elgin, Wallowa, Lostine, Enterprise and Joseph. Explore Wallowa Lake and drive on up to Imnaha. If you are willing to drive a gravel road, take the gorgeous drive up the Imnaha River and catch the paved byway at the Gumboot Creek area.

I hear the low hum of motorcycles passing our ranch every day. This is such a great time of year for touring our back roads. Here is a blog you will enjoy, especially if you feel two wheels are better than four!


Please remember, May is when ranchers take their cattle to summer pasture. You might encounter a cattle drive in your travels. Please slow down and enjoy this bit of Eastern Oregon heritage. The horseback riders will try to help you through as quickly as possible, but there are cow dogs, calves, horses and often children in the roadway. We’re sure you know how to drive, but one never knows what an animal or child might suddenly decide to do. Please keep everyone safe and having a good day by taking your time getting through. We all thank you.

Happy travels!

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