Hells Canyon Scenic Byway Welcomes You In Winter

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Snow has covered the valley floors in white today, showing us winter is just around the corner! While best known as one of the nation’s top scenic byways during spring, summer and fall, the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway in the northeast corner of Oregon has much to offer in *winter months, as well. Travelers can enjoy amazing scenery, friendly rural towns and a wide range of winter recreation along and adjacent to the byway year-round. Downhill and cross-country skiing, boarding, and snowshoeing can be accessed at Ferguson Ridge Ski Area and nearby Anthony Lakes and Spout Springs Ski Areas when snow conditions allow. A segment of the byway known as the FS 39 Road or Wallowa Mountain Loop Road, which connects Joseph, Enterprise and Wallowa Lake to the north end of the byway with Baker City, Halfway and the Snake River to the south end, closes when the snow stacks up and becomes a popular snowmobile route over the Wallowa Mountains. Anchoring this section at the north end, the Salt Creek Summit SnoPark provides access to groomed trails and back country winter recreation. Scenic Halfway is the jump-off town at the south end. Communities dotting the byway are open for business all year, providing the full range of visitor services (lodging, restaurants, retail stores and attractions) to winter as well as warm month byway travelers. Go to Road Conditions for more information about road conditions, byway recreation and attractions and links to a full array of visitor information and service providers. *Enjoy the byway in segments all year or as a loop from June through October.

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